Off Campus.

I love reaching college students.  The past two weeks have reminded me that there’s nothing like the first weeks of a freshman’s college carreer.  It’s so much fun to be on campus, to be a part of God changing student’s lives.

It’s not always easy, but man, is it ever worth it.

This semester we have to pull back, and spend some time mending our financial support net.  As you may know, we depend entirely on the donations of concerned individuals, churches, and businesses to fund our ministry, our salary, and our healthcare benefits.  We challenge folks to join us on a monthly basis financially so that we are freed up to focus fully on the task at hand, communicating the gospel in the language of today’s college student.

So, as much as I enjoy the work on campus, this semester we will be working off campus to ensure many more years of fruitful labor.  That probably will mean more posts about funds than before (don’t be afraid of that little “funds” link to your right.  It won’t bite…)

Pray with us that God would raise up all the dollars we need.  We are asking Him to do so by Thanksgiving.