Dear College Freshman…

There’s this myth out there that says you have the next four years to really go crazy, and live it up.  You think you’ve been given a free pass to be irresponsible, dangerous, and, well, stupid.  After all, you are only hurting yourself.  There will time to grow up later.

That’s a lie.  All you are doing by ignoring the fact that physiologically you entered adulthood 3-4 years ago is giving guys like Alex a head start.

I am not pointing fingers at you, I did the same thing.  I slinked into adulthood at about age 23, against my will.  And by age 23, Alex is probably going to pay off his mortgage.  (That’s a big loan you take out on a house, in case my vocab is outpacing you…)

See, Alex is a 16 year old who gets paid somewhere around $50 per hour (in this economy) to design websites like these.

So, in 5 years when you wake up from your slumber of registering for the easiest classes, looking for the path of least resistance out of college (like I did), don’t say you hadn’t been warned.  You’ll go get a job at a marketing agency, on the bottom level, working for a guy named Alex who is two years younger than you, and a millionaire.