For those times when ONE blog isn’t enough…

For the next few weeks I’ll be manning the helm of not only this blog, but two (count ‘em) blogs for our winter conference.  I won’t be the only contributor, but I will have a significant amount of input and veto power over everything that appears on them.

The first is a live blog of the conference.  In a way, our winter conference has already started, as students begin to dialogue online about what’s going on and how they can be impacted by God during their time at the Sheraton.  This blog will be the frequently-updated and often-referenced hub of online activity during the conference.  It’s already got two posts!

The second blog I’ll wager has never happened at any conference.  Here’s my one-paragraph vision for it.  I know from personal experience that each student at the conference will be trying to explain what is going on to others.  They will sit across the table from Aunt Gertrude and try to explain what Encounter is, and if they are anything like me, they can go to 11 straight conferences (complete with photos and letters about them) and still have family, friends and supporters who have no real idea about what goes on at this thing.

This parents blog will be a way for parents, ministry partners (our more-correct way of referring to financial and prayerful supporters), and other interested “outsiders” to get a taste of the conference that is contextualized for those not up on all the lingo.  It’ll showcase different aspects of the conference, have stories from the conference, and keep folks updated who want to know what’s going on like right now at the conference.

I’ll still be updating here, but be prepared for lots of links to there.