A few more Questions about the Move!

Here’s a few more questions we’ve been getting about the move:

Are you buying or renting?

We’re renting.  In fact, we already know where!  We’ll be in Holly Springs, for those who know the area.  We’re excited about the house.  Come see us once we move!

How many folks work in the regional office? Speaking of regional… how big is a region?

It’s not easy to get a count of everyone that works at the office, as there’s a lot of part-timers and other folks that filter in and out of the office. I’d say at least 25 folks work there.  On the team we’re joining, there are around 9 people, counting those raising support to get there (but not counting us).

Our regions consists of North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Marshall from West Virginia.  There’s approximately 1 million students in our region.  Also, we have a partnership with Brooklyn in New York City, and partnerships with locations overseas (read more about our regional partnerships here)

Are cubicles involved?

Yes.  Yes, a million times yes.  The cubicles had me at hello.

Where are you going to go to church?

We aren’t sure yet.  I just wrote a bit of a lengthy explanation of what type of church we are and aren’t looking for, but realized it needs to be it’s own post (and needs significant editing/filtering).  Check back tomorrow for that post.

Until then, what questions have we not answered about the move?

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