Freestyling on Church Hunting.

We are open to suggestions, as long as those suggesting don’t take it too personally if we don’t go to (or try out) their church.  Here’s some rough idea of what we are looking for: We are ok with PCA churches, Sovereign Grace churches, Acts 29 churches, and other theologically conservative, reformed type churches.  If we could go to any church on the planet it would be Tim Keller’s church in NYC, so that tells you an ideal to shoot for.  I want a church that has a missions focus driven by the gospel.  To be honest, culturally or politically conservative churches kind of scare me.

Also, since we are going to be living in Holly Springs, distance is near the top of the list.  I like the idea of a community to get plugged into.  I don’t want to drive 45 minutes to church.

Now for some things that will immediately turn me off about a church:

  1. If they don’t do background checks on ALL childcare workers.  I know you know everyone that works with children and have since they were kids… but I don’t know them.  I wouldn’t drop my kid off at a daycare without certification, and I am not going to drop them off at your church nursery either.  Those places without background checks are magnets for pedophiles.  All they have to do is pretend they like Jesus.
  2. If the sermon focuses more on making me a better person than pointing me to a better person (Jesus).  I don’t need self-help.  I need saving.
  3. If I get even a hint of “God will bless you if you give” from your church, I’m out.  God has blessed me in Christ, so I give.  Never the other way around.

We are looking forward to finding a new church, but we hate to be leaving a church here in Asheville that is amazing.  But God is big enough to have more than one amazing church.  I’ve been a member of THREE amazing churches, during and since college.

Bring on number 4.

Where should we go to church in the Triangle?

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  1. I could recommend a few great churches I’ve worked with in the Triangle, but they don’t fit your criteria, I’m afraid. (The theological criteria, not the background checks/prosperity gospel part– pretty sure the UMC is set on that stuff.)

    However, whenever you do find one, feel free to send a retreat or two my way. I promise I won’t corrupt them with my crazy theology. ;o) And of course if your regional folks need a place to get away, I’ve got it for a very reasonable price!

    Hope your move is exciting. I’m sure you’re excited to get back in Carolina Blue country (I’ve learned a lot about this Tar Heel thing in so little time!).
    .-= Melissa´s last blog ..Hey, Theology Students! =-.

  2. i think it’s worth it to check out The Summit, though I didn’t see Southern Baptist on you list I think we fall under the Acts 29 category. They do background checks on all nursery workers. Our pastor despises self help books & you won’t find prosperity gospel here. I won’t be offended if you don’t try it out. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Jessica! The Summit is definitely on the list to check out. The Baptism issue is not a deal-breaker for me, but I’m decidedly on the Presbyterian side of the debate. So that could complicate things. I’m a huge fan of the model of ministry I see there, though. Love the teaching and the missional thrust.

  3. Ben-

    I know it’s not in Holly Springs, but we have a lot of friends at Peace PCA in Cary- fantastic church! There used to be a PCA church that our church planted in F-V, but I’m not sure if it’s still there.

    Peace brother!


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