The Most Significant Thing.

After a great weekend leading the music at a conference in Atlanta (and thereby missing the second big snowstorm of the season in Asheville), I am overwhelmed again that God has called us to be on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ.

The conference this time around was “Preview”–so named because we use it as a way to give a select group of hand-picked soon-to-graduate students a preview of staff life.  Except that in this fantasy-land preview, staff life includes the region paying for them to stay at a wonderful hotel (meals and everything covered).

And though we use it as a way to recruit new staff, this conference (in the two years I have attended) has served each time to be a fantastic re-hashing of my own personal call to ministry with Campus Crusade.  Roger Hershey, the speaker for the weekend (and a guy who’s been on staff with CCC for 37 years), cut me to the heart when he challenged us to be about not only loving Christ, but about the amazing privilege of mobilizing students to go to the ends of the earth.  Possibly the most significant thing any of us could be about in this life is the mobilizing of people toward fulfilling the great commission.

And you and I get to do that every day.  Thank you for your gifts, prayers, and heart to see God move on the college campus.

How are you mobilizing people to fulfill the great commission?