Stuff Christians Like a little too much.

I, being a guest poster at SCL, have noticed a problem that is nearly universal among Christians.  Christians like Jon Acuff.  But they take it a single, insidious step further than that.

They’re Acuffist.

I know, I don’t like throwing around political buzzwords any more than you like reading them, but this needs to be brought to the light.  A quick perusal of the “most popular posts” on his site will show you that nearly every one that has any staying power was written by Jon Acuff.  The posts that have the most comments? Also Acuffian posts.  And even though my spell-check thinks that’s a ridiculous word, I fear the slide toward a single, monolithic Christian satire blog “experience” is well underway.  It’s subtle, but the Acuffitude of his website is beginning to take over areas that previously lay untouched by his wit and charm.  Did you notice how he subtly moved in on the Power Team, that staple of Christian satire?  Readers find themselves pining for his next Twitter update, the next comment he makes on his already-Acufficient blog post of the day, or the next witty thing he’ll say on his facebook “fan page.

Jon’s actions are not what is up for debate here, though.  It’s the overt way in which other bloggers are forgotten, marginalized, and disrespected that has me taking a stand against Acuffism today. I’ve developed this test so that you can see just how Acuffist you really are.

1.)Which of the following Stuff Christians Like was written by a guest poster?

(a)The Popcorn Collision
(b)Near Death Visits to Heaven
(c)The Campus Babysitter
(d)Those are made up post titles, not written on his blog.

2.)What’s the last SCL post you commented on?

3.)Is your answer to #2 a post written by Jon Acuff?

4.)What’s the last SCL post you laughed out-loud about, or felt strong emotion while reading?

5.)Is your answer to #4 a post written by Jon Acuff?

6.)Can you name, without looking, just 5 of the guest bloggers who have posted on his site?

7.)Have you ever taken issue with the fact that Jon Acuff is the only blogger listed on this site, despite no less than 30 guest posts written by at least 10 other bloggers?  Or is that sort of favoritism OK with you, you Acuffist?

I don’t even have to work up a score card for this one, because I’m sure that you’ve noticed your own Acuffism at this point.  And identifying the problem is the first step.  I’m starting a support group today, here at my blog.  Together, we can stamp out Acuffism for good.  Do your part today by commenting on today’s non-Acufficious post.

What’s one way you commit to ridding your life of Acuffism?

10 Replies to “Stuff Christians Like a little too much.”

  1. “What’s one way you commit to ridding your life of Acuffism?”…I don’t. That’s how far into Acuffism I’ve gone. Also? I scored a 100 on your quiz. Pray for me.

  2. I am one who does not shy away from Acuffism, and in fact I embrace the Acuffization of society at large. I am a sort of junior Acuffologist, if you will, having read just about every word he has ever written, and plan on continuing this for the rest of my life. I have led many in to the Way of Acuff , and they continue to lead others, and so on, and so on.

    I am concerned about your suggestion to involve others in taking a stand against Acuffism. Better a millstone around your neck, than so to do….

    Embrace Acuffism. Be Acuffian. Live it, love it, believe it.

    [Great post on SCL, BTW.]

    1. “Be Acuffian. Live it, love it, believe it”

      Sounds like a rallying cry. Let’s make the t-shirts! Thanks for the comment!

  3. Ben, I loved the guest post on SCL. I’ve read your comments before on that site, and now I’m visiting your blog. Keep up the good work.

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