The Book of Eli (Mild Spoiler Alert)

(if you like to go into movies with no knowledge whatsoever of the plot, and are planning on seeing “The Book of Eli,” you might not want to keep reading.  I won’t give away any of the big twists, but I will definitely tell you some things in this post.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Go watch it and come back.  I need people with whom to talk about it.)

Just watched “The Book of Eli,” and was very impressed by the cinematography.  I was also a huge fan of the writing.  The subtlety between using knowledge as tyrannical abuse (note the use of Mussolini’s biography when you first see the “Carnegie” character) and using knowledge as the foundation to a civilized society was brilliant.

He (or she) with the most information wins.  I’ve found that to be true in nearly every realm.  From avoiding repeat history to negotiating the price of a car, the one who knows the most in the conversation comes out on top. 

What do you think?  When reduced to our most base instincts, how does knowledge change things? 

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  1. I saw Book of Eli as well. I loved the cinematography– especially in the action scenes– but thought the script was heavy-handed at times. And the horrible casting of Mila Kunis accompanied by ridiculously Hollywood-infused slow-motion shots made the experience not reach its expectations.

    With that said, I just felt the film had good parts. But the good parts failed to combine into a cohesive, thought-provoking whole. The twist at the end surprised me though, albeit a bit trite. The theme of “blind faith” has been cycled and recycled too many times.

    Also, I feel I should add this caveat. I saw Book of Eli the day after I saw The Road– a far more superior and thought provoking post-apocalyptic film. I highly recommend it.
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