The Skeptics are Watching. Show them Redemption.

Campus Crusade 4 Christ president is in 1 of my classes. He talks about being faithful, yet he lies about his homework and is late to class?

That’s what a tweet from a self-described atheist declared last night.  See, you might think you can compartmentalize your life, and keep “school” separate from “Cru.”  But you can’t.  The world is watching, desperately hoping you’ll show them that you really mean what you say.

And to the skeptics watching, I’d implore you to look at Christ.  Like going to a hospital and only looking at the patients, scrutinizing the lives of Christians will only show you all the ways we are not yet fully healed.  Talk to the physician.  Look at the Jesus of the Bible.  Try to find a fault in Him.  When you don’t, bow down and worship.