Tennessee Bound.

Hey folks, this is just a short post to let those of you in the great state of TN know that I am coming your way today, and I’ll be back in Asheville on Monday (late afternoon).  While I’m there, I am meeting with tons of folks to share about our ministry and do a little support raising.  Here’s the two things I need from all of you:

  1. If you live in TN, you can hit me up at 828-51-51-BEN and we can meet to talk about Jesus, your wallet, and the gospel going to every corner of the globe.
  2. If you don’t live in TN, you can pray that my time in my former stompin’ grounds would be fruitful, encouraging, and fun.  Pray that I would see $200 in monthly support come from this trip.  Also pray that my car continues running all the way there and back.

Thanks so much, folks.  While we are on the topic of prayer requests, how can I pray for you?  Comment below.  Or if it’s a personal one you don’t want to share with the far reaches of the internet, you can shoot me a message.

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    1. Yeah, I went to Nashville one night to see David Spencer sing a bit. Reminded me of the days back in Lewis dorm.

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