My Son is Militantly Courteous.

I’ve written before about how much I love being a dad.  But since we’ve moved to Holly Springs, I have a new dadlight.  That’s a dad-highlight.

Our old neighborhood in Asheville, bless it’s heart, had some homes that were brought in on a truck, and some other homes that had their wheels removed.  Not the type of affair that includes sidewalks.

By contrast, our new neighborhood has it’s own (partially finished) greenway.  Privacy fences and patio furniture abound.  And there’s a sidewalk on nearly every road.  Stroller-friendliness being a huge perk, and lack of a gym membership being a motivating factor, I’ve taken some long walks.

LB sits forward in his stroller like he’s steering the thing.  He’ll look back at me from time to time to tell me something, but despite my near-perfect streak in Mad Gab, I’ve yet to master toddler-speak.  And he’s yet to master consonants in sentences.  It goes “Daddy… ueie uuuue EEEiii oooaa”  And I’ll pretend I know what he’s talking about.  It’s very helpful when he points in the general direction of whatever he’s talking about.  Or if one of his vocab words sneaks in there: “Eeeii uuuhh DOG uuueeriii”

But my new dadlight is when we walk up on someone.  I say “how ya do?” (which I didn’t realize I say until I heard it coming from mini-me.) and LB generally says “hehwwoah.”    My favorite is when they don’t respond to his first “hehwoah.”  He simply turns up the intensity… “hehWOAH… HEH… WOAH” until they acknowledge him.   And as we stroll away, he turns in his seat and says “BYE” at the top of his lungs, approximately 230 times.

If there’s one thing he won’t tolerate, it’s people not being courteous.

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