Mother’s Daze.

My wife is incredible.  She’s a great mom, and even in the midst of this crazy stage of life with a move and quasi-bedrest and an unwieldy (almost) tw0-year-old, she’s shone far brighter than the jewelry she got for mother’s day (yep, that’s a shout-out to me.  Thanks for noticing, move along).

She’s not an encourager by nature, but I can’t even count the number of times just in the past week she’s gone out of her way to encourage me.  She’s so attentive to even the smallest details of my life.

She’s a wonderful mom to LB: from lavishing gifts on him (most notably her time and energy) to disciplining him and helping him to not get the false impression that the world revolves around his larger-than-average head, Jacq is constantly amazing to me.

So I thought I’d give her a shout-out on the interwebs.  She’s lived lately in a daze wrought by pregnancy hormones and lack of sleep, and yet she’s still the hottest mom on the planet.

She’s so good at it, I knocked her up again.