October’s Top 5.

I put a custom-coded “most popular posts” widget in the sidebar of this site, but it’s lying to you. It says most popular, but what it means is “most commented on” as that’s the metric it is really judging by.

Thanks to Google analytics, I can tell you which posts are actually most popular according to actual traffic. And the most popular posts, in this case, are not the ones that got the most comments. Here’s the list, in reverse order:

Number 5: The Code Language Post.
Number 4: The Nigerian Scam Artist Post
Number 3: The One about the “Mishclaimer”
Number 2: The One Where I Slipped “Menstrual cycle” into the Title
And the number 1 most read post on Assume the Best:
The One where I talk about Sally Struthers.

Was your favorite post represented in the top 5? Yes? No? Elaborate in the comments, below.

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