About Cat Coupons, Flip Phones, and Taco Condiments

You know what that local minister needs?  Expired coupons.

I’m sure of it.  If you asked him what he needed, expired coupons for cat food would be near the top of his list.  He doesn’t have a cat, but that’s not the point.  Don’t those things have a cash value of .0001 cents?  Take a stack of them to the customer service desk and get a penny, that’s what some ministers do during their spare time.  That lady on the TLC show with 35 kids did it and I thought it was neat.

Oooh, you know what else we could give him?  That opened box of size 3 diapers.  I think there’s two or three left.  I know he’s got a kid in size 5 diapers now, but I’m really confident that he is planning on having another kid, and so those size 3’s will come in handy before you know it.

What, he’s asking for money?  Doesn’t he realize the economy is tight right now?  We don’t have any money to spare.  What I do have: old furniture.  Ask him if he needs a twin mattress with mild odor and stain problems.  Probably not gonna want the box springs, though, with the spring sticking out like that.  Also, I have a fully functional fold-out mustard yellow love seat that weighs about 450 lbs.  It cost me 150 bucks when I bought it in college.  In a pinch he could use it as a toddler bed.

I was just gonna throw out this stack of printer paper after I mistakenly printed 250 sheets with the same half-faded logo in the top left corner, but I bet you the campus minister can find a use for it.  I’ll leave it in his mailbox at the church.

I know the hinge on this flip-phone doesn’t close all the way, and the screen has large black lines through it, but it still works just fine.  A minister could use it as a backup phone.  He’s not on Sprint? Oh, well maybe he can use it for parts.

And you know what might even be better than money? These packets of potting soil I got on EBay.  If nothing else, they could sell them on Craigslist.  I was in a bidding war with AggressiveGardener365 for a solid week.  I bet they’d pay $14, not even counting shipping.

I can’t find the left one, but do you think he could find a use for this right flip-flop?  I only wore the thing like 3 times before I lost the left one.  I’ll just toss it in the bag, what’s there to lose?  I’m always so blessed to see the uses that frugal people can find for stuff I was just going to throw away.

Speaking of things most people would throw away, I’m looking to get rid of these packets of “Fire” sauce from Taco Bell.  They do dinners all the time with the students.  I bet they’ll ask for some more next time I see them.

Those and the cat coupons.  I’m sure they’ll be a hit.

(How’s about you?  Ever given something to a minister that you should have thrown away.  You can comment below.  This is a safe place.)

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