About A Shameless Plug for Comments.

I know, you were expecting award-winning content and laughter, adding mirth and joy to all around. But I just wrote a post that is far too bitter-sounding (I’m not bitter, but the post sounded bitter) and I have made an agreement with myself to edit the bitter stuff out of my writing, which is sometime tougher than it sounds. So, in lieu of a post that makes people cringe and wish they hadn’t read it, I want to take a step back, and hear from you guys.

I know from my web-analytics that people (500-plus) from all over the world (26 countries) have stopped by this blog over the last month. I’d hope that many of the folks who have are missionaries, but regardless, I’d like to hear from you. This is an opportunity to promote your own blog shamelessly, and tell us a bit about yourself. Are you a missionary? Do you have a link that people could follow to learn more about your cause, and how they could support it? It’s a free-for-all. Join in down below, in the comments!

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