Thankful Thursday: Surgery.

We paid it off before it even got put on a payment plan.

Of all the things I thought I’d write about my son’s surgery at four months old where they sawed off the back of his head, flipped it over and put it back on, that didn’t even make my top 10, pre-surgery.

I was not so concerned with how we were going to pay for it. We had insurance, right? Well it turns out that any doctor with the prefix “Neuro-” and the modifier “Pediatric” costs a bit. That’s not a job they just give out. And we were super thankful to be in the hands of literally one of the best cranio-facial surgeons (also a pricey combo) in the world. She did a fantastic job, and got our little boy put back together again. Then the dust settled, the boy started sleeping through the night, and they sent the bill.

But God is so faithful, and I can stand here today and let you know that because of the generosity of our ministry partners we literally were just able to send a check to cover the considerable balance. And while we were certainly thankful to God for the surgery going off without a hitch, it still brings a tear to my eyes when I think about the folks that stepped up and literally paid my debt.

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