Shout-Out Friday: Reecanie? Lo-Jo?

It’s shout-out Friday again, the segment here at Assume the Best where we take a minute to highlight someone faithfully trudging through the process of raising support, and share with the entire Internet (nearly 2300 readers from more than 95 countries in the past month! Who’da thunk?)

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Today’s shout-out goes to my favorite members of the Wolfpack. (but they aren’t wolves. Like, together they are a pack, but separately, they are… a pack. Still a little fuzzy on the details, NCSU.)

All one-sided sports “rivalries” aside, Reece and Stephanie Johnson are among our favorite people in the world. They were a part of our team in Asheville with the previously shouted-out Boldens. And they are clearly good people, because they put up with me on a weekly basis during Tyler Hansbrough’s senior–national championship–season, and still call themselves friends.

I think NC State celebrated the 25th anniversary of something major during my time with them, or something.

I thought I was done dogging on the Pack last paragraph. I promise that was the last cheap shot. Promise.

In all seriousness, I have met few people with the level of integrity, perseverance, and commitment that Reece and Stephanie have. They worked circles around me in Asheville, reaching students with the gospel. I’m proud to call them friends.

They are working these days at UNC Wilmington, still trusting the Lord to do the miraculous work of bringing students to himself. And I bet they’d love it if you partnered with them.

Go ahead click here and tell them I sent you.

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