Shout-Out Friday: International Expansion.

I remember how odd it was at my first Winter conference when a guy stood up in front of a room full of college students and asked for money. Surely there’s a better target market than students. Why ask a bunch of people who eat a steady diet of aerosolized canned cheese product and ramen noodles to donate to anything?

But then God got ahold of my heart. That same guy convinced me that spending just what I spent on out-to -eat purchases each month, I could help get the gospel to places it had never been before.

So I gave.

The pitch wasn’t manipulative, but heartfelt. And 12 winter conferences later, I still give whatever’s in my pocket (and right after Christmas, that tends to be a lot) toward reaching people in every corner of the globe with the gospel.

So this week’s shout-out is for you to consider donating to the international expansion account for Campus Crusade for Christ’s Midsouth region. You can check out more info and give by clicking here.

Don’t forget to comment below about a person or group that you think needs shouting-out!

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