Shout-Out Fridays: Boldennation.

It’s Shout-out Friday around here, where we take a break from all the shenanigans, tomfoolery, inanity, and larking (with a serious hat tip to for a chance to really talk about somebody who is doing some good in the world. Since we have a pretty limited sphere of influence in terms of organizations, I welcome submissions for shout-out Friday. Until then, expect a heavy dose of Campus Crusade for Christ individuals. (I welcome submissions for any other part of this site, also…)

If you don’t know Josh Bolden well, you might be under the impression that he is just a freakishly fast guy to guard on the ultimate frisbee field.

Or maybe that was just me.

We crossed paths each year at our regional staff conference in beautiful Black Mountain, NC. And for several years in a row, we got placed on opposite teams, and I had to guard Josh (honestly, it could have been just once, but in my mind’s eye the pain and humiliation was an annual event). In about a half-step, Josh can reach top speed. It takes me 5 steps and/or an outboard motor to have any prayer of catching him.

So when we got placed in Asheville, on the Boldens’ team reaching Western NC schools with the gospel, all I really knew about him was that I needed to pick him first in the event of an athletic competition.

But surprisingly, it’s not only his foot speed that I grew to love during my time on his team. His heart to see his team grow and develop, and to reach students with the life-changing message of Christ was contagious.

Plus, he put a weekly smack-down on us in staff meetings playing card games. We called it Boldennation (Bolden Domination), because I think there was about a 10 week stretch where Josh would say he was going to teach us a new game, just to thoroughly embarrass us at said game.

Just as Britt and Amy patiently watched and coached as I grew up in Murfreesboro, Josh and Susan had a profound impact on our young marriage in Asheville. I am honored to call them friends.

So, today I’m giving them some link love and a shout-out. Go and check out their website by clicking here. Then go support his ministry by clicking here.

And, don’t forget to submit your individual(s) for the shouting-out in coming weeks.

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