Shout-Out Friday: The Comers.

Ever been on a double date with a couple that wasn’t calling themselves a couple yet?

Jacqueline and I were in South Korea for a conference, and our friends Clyde and Jenn were there as well. We wanted to get away or the afternoon once (don’t tell anybody, but I skipped meetings at conferences when I was on staff with CCC) and we decided a restaurant across the street from the conference center would be a good place to grab lunch. They had rice-bun hamburgers there. I don’t know if that’s the technical name for them, but it was a burger with rice patties in place of the bun, so that’s the best I’ve got.

Clyde and Jen were not dating at the time, but several times throughout lunch that day, Jacqueline and I gave each other looks as if to say, “did you see that? they should totally be dating!” Later when given a moment by ourselves we discussed the topic at length and decided that they were dating, they just hadn’t told themselves or each other yet. That was 2007.

Last night we had Clyde, Jenn, and their daughter Katelynn over for dinner. They are the local leaders for the Eastern NC team reaching students all over our area with Campus Crusade for Christ. Shortly after we left the conference in Korea, they started dating and a little more than a year later they were married.

Last night at dinner they told me they didn’t even know I was writing this blog. They live in my neighborhood, so that was eye-opening. I have readers in India whom I’ve never met, but my friends whose mail I check when they go out of town haven’t seen my blog. This post is my shameless ploy to get them over here to check it out.

Plus, they really do deserve a shouting-out. If you’re interested in seeing more about their ministry, check out their website (that I designed!) at and tell them I sent you. To support them financially, check out the “Be The Change” link on that page. Go on now. What are you waiting for?

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