Thankful Thursdays: Calling in Sick. (finish the post for me!)

Here at Assume the Best, the world’s leading blog relating to both humor and missionary fundraising, we have a tradition of peeling back the attempts at humor and talking every Thursday about the things for which we are thankful.

Today I’ve got a getting-over-a-bug toddler sitting on my lap, a right-in-the-middle-of-it wife conked out on the guest bed behind me, and a hopefully-going-to-sleep-tonight 4 mo. old in the other room.

We all have caught at least part of a cold over the last few days. Which leads me to an aspect of vocational ministry that I am supremely thankful for–the ability to call in sick. Granted, I can call in sick these days at Starbucks, but the level of grace for sick days doesn’t compare to my days in ministry. Not even close.

Also, in light of the colds all around, this post is going to get capped off at a solid 150-ish words. You can expect a return to regularly scheduled high-quality posts soon. (hopefully tomorrow)

In the meantime, now’s your chance to write the rest of today’s post. What things are you thankful for, today?

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