And the Winners Are…

I have to tell you, I am seriously impressed with John G. Miller. He’s the absolute real deal. I asked him if he’d lend an impartial ear to help me judge which tweets and comments deserved being in contention for winning his latest book. He agreed.

And then when looking over the list of entries, he decided that everyone wins.

That’s right, if you commented on last Monday’s post, John G. Miller will be sending you a free book! Some of you will be getting QBQ, some will be getting Flipping the Switch, and some will be getting Outstanding!–at his discretion.

And because that still leaves me with some books to give away, I am going to send my copies to Clay Griffin (one of the only folks to tweet about the contest!) because he’s using the books in a small group at his church.

So, the next step is to email me your mailing address if you are one of the 11 people who commented on my post last week. If you didn’t comment on that post, but did tweet about the contest (I think there was one person other than Clay), go ahead and email me your address also. We’ll take good care of you. (In case the link above doesn’t work, the email is

Thanks to John G. Miller for making me look so good, and to all of you for participating!