Thankful Thursday: Community.

Not the show on NBC, even though I think it is pretty awesome too.

No, the type of community I am talking about is a bit different. Having just started work at two different “secular” (man, I hate that word/distinction) jobs, I have come face to face with the non-Christian world. Today at one of the two jobs (I’m not interested in slandering individuals or getting them into trouble, so I’ll leave out which one) I heard all about the extramarital sex life of one of my coworkers.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not upset that this coworker today was so crass around me. I see it as a fantastic opportunity to minister grace. I am looking forward to how God might use me in this coworker’s life!

It was a stark contrast to my days in ministry, though. Thankfully I never had a coworker bragging about sleeping with other people than there spouse when I was with Campus Crusade for Christ.

What a privilege to work alongside folks who were spiritually encouraging, uplifting, and concerned about the same things as I was. On staff there is a special brand of community, that understands this process of raising support, and how frustrating it can be, but at the same time, how liberating it can be to have to trust God for finances.

My time on staff was a real foxhole experience, spiritually. I made friends there that will be friends until the day I die. I’d take a bullet for many of them. (A glancing blow to the arm, maybe. But a bullet nonetheless)

Where do you experience community? Comment below!

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