Crunch Time In Meredithville, Population 4 (plus a dog).

We are moving in less than 3 weeks. We still don’t so much have a place to live, and so things around here are getting a little tense. Add to that fact that I have had exactly 6 days off in 2011 with precisely zero scheduled for the next three weeks, and you’ve got a vivid snapshot of life here in my world.

So as a result, it’s gonna be like that space of time right before the cutoff date for the support to be in for a summer project. That part where you are pretty sure God is going to provide, but the voices in your head (and even some well-meaning ones outside of your head) are telling you to have a plan (b).

Our plan (b) involves a tent and my wife leaving me for a more stable living situation.

Just kidding, I have an extra tent for my wife, she’s totally cool with it. With any luck, it’ll warm up outside enough for the tent to be downright comfortable.

This frantic house/apartment/trailer/lean-to hunt may or may not result in some very short blog posts here at Assume the Best over the next couple of weeks. I’ll try and get some time to sit and be creative, but I make no guarantees. This would be a great opportunity to submit your guest post for me to run with. Tell me a funny story about raising support, without attacking individuals. You could still hold the distinction of being the first-ever guest poster here at ATB.

But if you know of a place in NW Cary/Apex/Morrisville NC that will house my entire family (dog included) we’d love to hear about it, like yesterday.

Thanks for reading, and for being the amazing group of readers that you are. At the very least, I’ll keep you posted as to our dwelling-search.

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