Shout-out Friday: The Clivers.

Ever meet somebody and wonder why they are in ministry? Not in a “I can’t believe they got accepted” sort of way, but an “if I were sitting on the goldmine they are, I’d be in the marketplace” sort of way.

That’s how I’ve long felt about John Cliver. He’s a really talented graphic designer. Call me an optimist, but even in a market that makes the word “saturated” feel woefully inadequate, Cliver (as he is known) could easily find work designing. Not only is he good, he’s quick. I once watched in mouth-open awe as he threw together some slides for a conference at the literal last minute that looked extremely professional. His use of Adobe products makes me want to remove the word “Creative” from my copy of Photoshop CS4. Here’s an example:

When I left Asheville to join the regional team with Campus Crusade for Christ in Apex, the opportunity to work alongside Cliver was high among the list of reasons. I wanted some of that creativity to rub off on me. And that was even before he added an equally creative wife to the mix in Sarah.

So this week’s shout-out is intensely personal. The Clivers, in addition to being newlyweds, are mere weeks from the birth of a little Cliverling, and in the midst of it all they are trying to raise enough support to stay employed with Campus Crusade for Christ.

Without hesitation, I can say that our region of CCC needs the creativity and talent of the Clivers. Please join with me in supporting them financially. Click here for their ministry updates page. (Don’t forget to click through to his portfolio) And click here to give to their ministry.

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