Thankful Thursday: Leading.

At 10:08 PM on Tuesday night I said this into the expanse of the internet:

Hey, would you mind praying with us for a clear, good housing option to emerge from the sea of non-ideal ones we are currently dealing with?Mar 29, 2011: 10:08 PM via TweetCaster

At the time, all we had were a few options as far as our next place to live. None of them were particularly good, and all were too expensive.

Roughly 14 hours later:

Found a place to live. Wait, we have to move all of our stuff?Mar 30, 2011: 11:21 AM via TweetCaster

It’s pretty stellar that God led us pretty clearly. We found a place to live, within our budget, in a much better location that any of the previous spots. We signed the lease yesterday! We’ll be less than a mile from our church, and 15 minutes closer to one job, and 10 minutes closer to the other!

We move in on Friday (yeah, tomorrow).

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