The time I almost used a cuss word on a support appointment.

One time a lady tried to fast-forward my (live) support presentation.

She took the presentation binder out of my hand and started flipping through it like a photo album documenting her elderly neighbor’s recent trip to the orthopedist. Apparently, one step beyond a page-turner:

A page-skipper.

She might as well have said “is this going to get interesting? because I’ve got work to do.” The only thing that would have made it better would’ve been an expressive yawn as she completely derailed my train of thought.

Nothing makes me want to continue talking like being ask to skip the inconsequential details–like how God called me into this ministry–and go straight to the “you should support me” portion of the event.

I think it was a test to see how I handle adversity. I also think that I pretty much failed.

Has this ever happened to anyone else, or am I the only missionary who has these wonderful experiences on support appointments?

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