The Best Possible Missions Strategy for Your Workplace.

The one thing that has surprised me in making the transition from vocational ministry to “secular” work has been how easy it is to stand out from the crowd in terms of being a good employee. I came up with a 3-step process to guarantee that you end up in the top 10 percent.

  1. Do what you are asked to do, when you are asked to do it, even when nobody is watching.
  2. Repeat step 1.
  3. Smile

No lie, it is downright confusing to me how few people put forth any effort when “nobody is watching.” I am currently a “nobody” in terms of seniority at both jobs, and it is mind-numbing to see the change in behavior that occurs when the boss is watching.

As Christians, that same three step process should be the first prong of your outreach efforts at work. The Bible tells us to work as though we were working for Jesus, no matter what we are doing. There is no better way to become a metaphorical turtle on a fencepost than to work like crazy, even when nobody is watching. Your behavior will practically beg for an explanation (how’d that turtle get there?). What better moment to explain the difference the gospel has made in your life.

I don’t have any happy ending stories about how 13 people have come to Christ at my workplace. This story is still a work in progress. I can tell you that I have made a conscious effort to work like a redeemed slave. My freedom has already been purchased. The gospel is true! I’m not greedy, motivated only by money, but at the same time I’m willing to do whatever it takes to lay down my rights and my life for my coworkers.

What ways have you seen to be a witness for Christ in your daily work?

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