My Son Has a Potty Mouth.

We’ve created the most disgusting game any child has ever played in public. We didn’t mean to. We were trying to potty train the child.

In an effort to get LB to poop in the potty, we’ve started asking him (while he is sitting on said potty) where he should poop, and then coming up with ridiculous spots for him to poop.

“Should you poop… in the car?”
“Should you poop… in the bathtub?”
“Nooo! That’s silly.”
“Should you poop… in your pants?”
“Noo! That’s gross!”

Genius idea. Except unlike Vegas, what happens on the potty doesn’t stay on the potty.

We were out to eat with family, and LB wonders aloud “Should I poop on the table?”

No son, you should probably hold off on that, now that you mention it.

It turns out that potty training, like most of life, is not a paint-by-numbers game. Lesson (re)learned.

Has something you said behind closed doors ever come out of your child’s mouth out in public? I’d love to hear that I’m not alone.

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