How I Was Wrong About Campus Crusade’s Name Change

Yesterday Campus Crusade for Christ, the ministry I was on staff with for 8 years, announced a name change. They are now going to be called simply “Cru.”

I was on the front row of the doubters for years, often criticizing not only the decision but even the consideration of making the decision. Publicly and privately, I was cool with the name Campus Crusade for Christ. I saw changing the name as pandering to a small group of doubters and haters. I saw it as a softening of the principles that defined the ministry for 50+ years.

And I was wrong.

I got to watch Steve Sellers announce the new name on a video feed (courtesy of gracious friends responding to my pleas for a login to be able to see the staff-only broadcast) and I was blown away by the humility, the patience, the grace, and the genuine sense of their following the Lord into this decision.

Each time I listen to Steve Sellers I am blown away by his ability (by grace, to be certain) to convince me of, well, pretty much anything. I trust him. I trust that his heart is enraptured by Jesus and His glory. You can’t fake character.

If you are interested, click here to read the Frequently Asked Questions regarding the change. It’ll do a better job of defending why the change was necessary and even helpful than I could.

And, if you were like me (or still are) in blasting the decision to change a name, join me in repenting.

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