Home School Vs. Christian School Vs. Nazi Internment Camps.

If you don’t put your 3-year-old into Christian school that costs more than a Mercedes, they are probably going to do drugs, or listen to death metal.

I know, because my kid has a thriving illicit drug business going out of his cubby at the YMCA preschool. But we are saving some serious coin, so I’d call it worth it.

To listen to some folks talk, ___________ [insert the method they chose to school/preschool/wean their children] is the only Jesus-sanctioned way to school/preschool/wean, and people who choose the alternative are intentionally harming their kids.

Might be time to back off of the daytime television there, mom. You are going all Judge Judy on us.

I call it the leash syndrome.

Before I had children, I was appalled that some parents (though they call them harnesses) would even consider using a leash to restrain their kids. Then God blessed me with a kid who thinks I’m playing a fun game when I scream “STOP” as he steps off the curb into traffic.

Yeah, for some kids a leash is a sign of a seriously over-controlling parent. If, however, you see my kid on a leash, it’s because he’s actively trying to become a speed-bump if he’s not on one.

So in my mental note to my 20-year-old self, in addition to suggesting I wedgie myself, I think it might be best to Assume The Best about those parents with harnesses on their child.

And if you have equated Public Schools with Nazi Internment Camps, maybe you should try employing the ATB method as well.

For some kids, the Christian school is the best fit. For others, homeschooling with mom and dad are by far the best. And though it may not be for everyone, some parents are perfectly justified in deciding to go the Public School route.

What say you? Christian School? Public School? Living Room School? Discuss below.

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