Switch: a Special Blend of Hope in Disguise.

Have you ever tried to change something or someone (or yourself) only to see the change last about as long as a daytime talk-show?

I know I have. So when I picked up “Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard” by Chip and Dan Heath, I was skeptical to say the least.

I was prepared for “follow these three steps and change will be a cinch!” And when I didn’t get that, I was sold. Had they tried to convince me that big changes were as simple as flipping the switch on the cover, they’d have lost a reader by the second chapter.

Instead, they gave me a framework on which to hang the tough process of real, lasting change.

This book is hope cleverly disguised as practical, well written advice on the forces at work when real change happens. It may look like just a book full of stories and principles–but the Heath brothers are selling hope.

I thought this book especially useful for those in leadership of any type. If you have ever wished for a student to actually grasp what you are saying, or a coworker to stop slacking off, or a child to behave, this book has answers. Not easy answers, but a paradigm-shift in your approach to those questions.

So instead of Dr. Phil platitudes (that create change until the next commercial break), we’ve got a real opportunity to create change in our lives.

What is the one area you’d like to see changed? Comment below!

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