Republic Wireless Can Save You $450 in Three Months

So far, I have saved about $450 in monthly charges since I switched from AT&T to Republic Wireless. (much love to my former employer, though.)

That’s in three months.

Now sure, that doesn’t count the $300 I had to pony up for each phone, so we still have a few months to go before the break-even mark (assuming I wouldn’t have upgraded my AT&T phones yet).

But I can assure you I won’t be going back.

I don’t want to paint a totally rosy picture—the Republic Wireless Moto X has dropped a significant number of calls. I suspect it has more to do with the wireless router at my office than it does with the technology in the phone, though. Also, my office is in a bit of a cell phone reception hole (my 4G LTE AT&T phone struggled here, too) so when it drops off of our regrettably slow office internet, the cell network supporting it just isn’t able to keep up, and the call gets dropped.

Has it been annoying? At times, yes.

Has it been $450 annoying? Not even close.

Plus, as of this morning, Republic Wireless has added the Moto G to their lineup, cutting the upfront cost to just $149 for getting on board.

Also, if you use my referral link you save $20. (I also save $20, because that’s what friends are for.)

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