My Phone Company Just Gave Me Money Back.

Apple Logo with Republic Wireless Logo on top
Screams “I like to save money, but I still like nice things,” dontchathink?

I just got a new Retina MacBook Pro last month. The only sticker I put on it (so far) is the Republic Arc due to my love affair with Republic Wireless.

It’s a pretty simple decision, given that they’re the ones who paid for it.

Since switching to Republic Wireless in 2014, I’ve saved more than enough money to buy a brand-spankin-new rMBP.

This week, as if they haven’t given me enough already, they sent me $12 and some change in refund for the data that I didn’t use last month.

Mind you, my entire bill (for that phone) was $25. So they sent me half my money back because I didn’t need much data.

Pay $25/month for a smartphone. Get half of it back. Or, keep paying $TOOMUCH Share on X You read that right. They paid me back (in money. not airline miles or vouchers or empty promises).  A telecom with a soul? Whaa?

Has your phone company ever sent YOU an overage?

Didn’t think so. ‘Bout time you switched to Republic, banked the difference, and bought yourself a MacBook Pro about 18 months from now, to say thank you for being so thrifty.

PS. You’re darn right those are affiliate links in this post. If you sign up, I get even more money. I’ll use it to put Republic Wireless stickers all over my yacht.