Blocking images on Google Chrome (to save Karma Data)

So I got my Karma Go, and have been excited to use it when I’m out and about. Just this week the Wifi connection went out at the local YMCA (which I visit but don’t work out at… totally there for the childcare #WorkFromHomeDadProbs) and had it not been for my Karma, I’d have been sitting there smiling at my laptop wishing I could check things off my Todoist.

I don’t think I’m alone among people who understand how data works when I see an image load slowly and think “This is a 4G LTE connection and a slow loading image is a big chunk of data singulair medicine.”

When I’m paying per megabyte, I have no need to see the gif that is all the rage. In fact, I’d prefer if Chrome blocked images, videos, and all other assorted things that I am not actively trying to see, and saved me the money.

Today I discovered a chrome extension that does exactly that. Toggle it on, and all the pages you visit in that window are gloriously image-free.

One click, and Amazon doesn't load any images. Glorious bandwidth freedom!
One click, and Amazon doesn’t load any images. Glorious bandwidth freedom!

That’ll save data for important tasks, and make my Karma’s affordable data last even longer.

Pay as you go data that never expires deserves to be spread across as many months as possible. Sign up for Karma today!

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  1. I’m trying to save data use but I’m wondering if it’s having any effect. If your wifi plan comes through your phone service it may work because you’re sending out your data request with data saving settings in place before you receive the data but if you’re using Karma Go hotspot how does it know to restrict data flow to your pc or tablet? The data comes in then the data saving settings devices capture it. How does Karma know how much you really used since it sends out the data before you get a chance to compress it, etc? Or does the Opera server send it out compressed thru Karma (if you’re using Opera Mini, or Max or even Chrome with that image blocking extension) and that’s how you get the savings? I don’t know.

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