Welcome to My Corner of the Internet

Thanks for checking out my guide on “How To Laugh at the Industry Average, Get More Clicks and Actually Accomplish your Online Goals.”

To hire me to apply my knowledge to your specific situation is pretty cheap. You can see the prices here.

I’d also love some feedback on the guide, and specific ways it helped you! Feel free to shoot me an email!

Have a great day, and feel free to poke around here at my site!


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One Reply to “Welcome to My Corner of the Internet”

  1. Hi Ben & Jacq (with a Q)!
    Read your welcome guide with interest…for me…simple interest!
    I’ve been saddled with a Swedish last name: LINQUIST …and we forevermore always utter “no D” when telling people at DMV’s because that vast majority of the ‘clan’ spells it with that extra letter. We are stuck with that I suppose…but we are not “STOCK” home.
    Looking forward to blogging with fervency via the MLSP hook-up, although my brothers and I did 4 years of blogging back in 2002-2006 in the wake of the Bush Administration years and the aftermath of 911 in world news.
    And I maintained a blog while in nursing school for my classmates. That was actually fun to do. Used Blogger.com which was serviceable at the time.
    Well, gotta go. Success in your business.

    Mike Linquist, RN BSN

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