Ben Meredith

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Contact me: ben (at)

Technical Customer Support Specialist

I specialize in translating high level code knowledge into layman’s terms. My customers are subject matter experts—just not when the subject is my product. They deserve a technical support specialist who is able to resolve their problem quickly, kindly, and with the heart of a teacher. That’s what I do.


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies

  • Academic focus on Early American Religious History
  • Extracurricular activities included being president of the largest active student organization on campus


Senior Support Technician (Summer 2016–present)

Empowering customers to turn their WordPress site into a donation platform.

  • Provide priority email ticket-based customer support for the thousands of customers at and
  • Isolate hosting, database, file, and third-party code conflicts by cloning sites to local environments and debugging locally and remotely.
  • Write and update end-user documentation for software
  • Write original blog content and produce accompanying video for the marketing arm of the company
  • Represent the company by speaking at conferences and events
  • Cowrite the Support Manual for training new support technicians
  • Write clear and compelling GitHub issues to help translate the concerns of users into actionable steps for developers.
  • Provide minor bugfixes and patches to plugin and add-on code

Ask me about the Tone Guide I wrote for our support technicians.

Per usual, Ben has prompt, succinct, accurate and overall helpful responses to all my questions. From my seat, he is very much appreciated!!!

Anonymous GiveWP plugin customer

The support team are absolutely brilliant. They even made a video for me to explain where the issue is and how to go about and solve it. Keep it up. Thanks.

Anonymous GiveWP plugin customer

Ben quickly responded to my question with clear direction and offered alternatives to achieve what I'm hoping to with different functionality!

Anonymous GiveWP plugin customer

Very timely and accurate reply/suggestion ... perfect ... thank you! PLUS, a followup email to see if I was satisfied. Again, perfect and thank you!

Anonymous GiveWP plugin customer

I had a problem and contacted support. They discovered that the problem was with another plugin I was using that I could not do without. Instead of punting to the other vendor, Ben Meredith setup a duplicate of my site and provided me with a workaround, as well as information to pass on to the developer of the faulty plugin. Above and beyond service from a great developer. Highly, highly, recommended!

Anonymous GiveWP plugin customer

Support staff was really friendly and helpful. As someone who is unfamiliar with php they made it very easy for me to edit text on the website. My boss is happy now =) Thanks.

Anonymous GiveWP plugin customer

There is no magic bullet in fundraising that will suit all customers, so we have had lots of questions relating to using the GiveWP plugins in a way that works with our current business model effectively. Ben has consistently been timely, full of all the available information, and direct with our needs to solve our questions and support needs quickly to get our plugins working as well as possible for our specific needs. Many thanks to Ben and the rest of the support team at Give!

Anonymous GiveWP plugin customer

Ben was able to take my muddled words and figure out what was going on, then send clear instructions on different things I could try.

Anonymous GiveWP plugin customer

BenandJacq Inc / WP Steward (2013–present)

Starting with small one-off web design projects, the business continues to morph into tangentially related WordPress-related products and services.

  • Provide customer support for free WordPress plugins
  • Secure client sites with full service hosting, backups, and maintenance
  • Manage client servers with uptime monitoring, server maintenance, and SSD cloud server deployment
  • Reach client objectives with PHP, HTML, CSS, and light Javascript deliverables
  • Secure new clients with top-notch customer support and word-of-mouth referrals

Project Manager
Socialexis (2013–2015)

Web entrepreneur Alexis Grant brought me on as “second in command” to help with the daily running of her blogging and social media management startup. This position ended when the company was acquired by Taylor Media in 2015.

  • Worked myself out of a job: delivered projects so well that the blog management arm of the company was acquired in 2015
  • Interface with team of writers, editors, and social media managers to ensure quality and timeliness of deliverables
  • Coordinate and manage a distributed team
  • Collaborate on HR decisions and interface with third-party developers and consultants
  • Help build a team of writers and editors, including hiring and firing
  • Provide customer service as “Lead Overachiever” to ensure delighted customers and clients
  • Provide backend tech support and server maintenance for product sales generating more than $50,000 in annual revenue
  • Managing client accounts and delighting clients representing over $100,000 in annual revenue

Account Manager, Vertical Markets
Wingswept (2013)

  • Placed 60-80 outbound cold-calls daily
  • Sold web solutions in the fiercely anti-technology auto repair industry

In my manager’s own words: “He is an enthusiastic, intelligent, witty, tenacious, dependable, hard working individual with a great sense of humor and a high degree of integrity. If you would like more information, I will be happy to speak with you personally.”
-Doug Meeker, director of telesales

Retail And Small Business Sales Consultant
AT&T (2011–2012)

  • Received Q2 2012 Service Excellence Gold Award for being in top 4 percent of all sales reps in the Carolinas
  • Received Q4 2011 Service Excellence Silver Award for being in top 13 percent of all sales reps in the Carolinas
  • Received AT&T Small Business 2.0 Certification for closing high revenue business to business sales, becoming one of three certified reps in my location
  • Received promotion from part-time to full-time in fewer than 60 days after completing training, based on performance and attitude
  • Clocked in early or on time for every single shift
  • Provided customers with personalized solutions to complex problems and opportunities, while maintaining a positive attitude in an extremely pressurized retail environment
  • Consistently exceeded coworker and supervisor expectations with regard to work ethic and positive attitude
  • Positively affected customer opinion of a multi-billion dollar corporation, by consistently listening to and responding appropriately to customer issues

Starbucks Coffee Company (2010-2011)

  • In under a month, (while still learning the system) became the highest selling partner in a special promotion of VIA, a new Starbucks instant coffee, selling through a drive-through window
  • Created a fun work environment by volunteering for the jobs nobody else wanted and doing them with a smile
  • Consistently exceeded customer and supervisor expectations in enthusiasm and quality results, both in sales and customer service

In my manager’s own words: “Ben is far and away the best partner that we have here when it comes to engaging with our customers. When Ben is on the floor I feel very confident that none of our customers will leave with anything less than an above average experience. Ben is one of the better partners I have ever come across in my years with Starbucks”

Campus Minister
Campus Crusade for Christ (2002-2010)

  • Raised over $400,000 to cover salary, benefits, and ministry expenses from individuals and churches (using a 30-minute interactive sales presentation with a referral ask, a financial ask, and followup)
  • Worked in multiple ministry settings in 2 states, dealing with students in small schools (300 or fewer students) and students from larger schools (22,000 or more students)
  • Developed and managed an online ministry presence geared toward college students using traditional online media in addition to trying out these new-fangled “social media” solutions.
  • Pioneered the online presence of an established conference for 1,000+ students from a 5-state area, using live blogs, broadcasts, and facebook groups. (7,000+ Pageviews, 1,900+ Unique Visitors)
  • Trained and managed student leaders and volunteers in effective use of social media for ministry, effective social interaction, spiritual disciplines, time management, conflict resolution, delegation, critical thinking, and many other life skills
  • Led and coached the leaders of music teams of various sizes for dozens of events and conferences
  • Experienced international culture (in both Europe and Asia)

Plugin Development

Better Click To Tweet
Creates styled tweetable quote-boxes using the WordPress Shortcode API

Translation-friendly, simple, and 5-star reviewed. Pay special attention to the quick turnaround on updates, and the raving reviews.

"Very happy with the support and the fast answer! Very grateful for that!"

Palava Better Click To Tweet Plugin User January 19, 2015

...the plugin works so well to begin with, but Ben has been great at offering suggestions and implementing solutions... Great work, Ben!

Julie Better Click To Tweet Plugin User January 27, 2015

Ahhh you are a LEGEND! How peculiar! Thank you so much for being so patient and awesome with this one, definitely the best tech support I've ever received for a plugin.

Anastasia Amour Better Click To Tweet plugin user. February 5, 2015

Wow! The best plugin experience I've ever had! That's no exaggeration -- I've worked with dozens of plugins for WordPress, and this is the happiest I've ever been.

yiddishwarmth Better Click To Tweet Plugin User April 28, 2015

Old Post Date Remover
Removes the dates from old posts while leaving it on new ones

Theme Development
Custom child theme

This résumé page as well as all the content on the site is built atop a custom child theme based off of the default twenty ______ theme that ships with WordPress. If you poke around enough, you’re bound to find some easter eggs.

Jacqueline Meredith

Contact me: jacq (at)

Nonprofit Service Delivery Coordinator

Strategic leader with a client relationship management and resource coordination background; provides 10+ years of experience in leading customer service towards exceptional results. Skilled in developing teams and leading groups with a strong attention to detail. Delivers strong business and marketing expertise supplemented by a B.S. in Business/Marketing.

Positive attitude in the face of frustrated customers, turning them into brand advocates.


Lander University
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

  • Academic focus on Marketing/Management
  • Extracurricular activities included founding of Campus Crusade for Christ on our campus.


Customer Service Representative—YMCA of the Triangle

Lead Welcome Center Coordinator—Northwest Cary YMCA

Lead Welcome Center Coordinator—Taylor YMCA

Welcome Center Coordinator—Taylor YMCA

Pool Desk Attendant—Taylor YMCA
YMCA of the Triangle (2011–2020)

Promoted to positions of increasing responsibility over the course of several years at the YMCA. At the local branch, was promoted to Lead Welcome Center Coordinator, training and overseeing up to 14+ staff members at a time. Manage all of the Welcome Center and Access desk staff and functions. Supervise a safe environment for all members, program participants, volunteers and staff. Demonstrate good communication and problem-solving skills along with a good understanding of the operation of the YMCA.

At the corporate office as a Customer Service Representative, was tasked with distribution of financial aid, data entry, and training of staff from all over the region on the database software. Given authority to decide who received limited funds available for financial assistance.

  • Hired and trained 2 full-time staff and 12 part-time staff in preparation for the grand opening.
  • Organized classroom-style training so staff would be proficient in the membership database before opening; independently worked on administrative tasks to ensure training was fully attended.
  • Continued to train staff in the database as new improvements were made.
  • Helped other departments when needed to prepare for grand opening.
  • Assisted in training other staff on how to give cause-driven tours and cause driven service.

BenandJacq Inc / WP Steward (2013–present)

Starting with small one-off web design projects, the business continues to morph into tangentially related WordPress-related products and services.

  • Set key performance indicators.
  • Created budget projections.
  • Networked through social media platforms.
  • Collaborated on the vision and direction of the company.

Campus Minister
Campus Crusade for Christ (2006-2010)

  • Raised over $200,000 to cover salary, benefits, and ministry expenses from individuals and churches (using a 30-minute interactive sales presentation with a referral ask, a financial ask, and followup)
  • Recruited female students to become involved in campus ministry, facilitating spiritual growth.
  • Lead Bible studies and focused small groups composed of diverse students, encouraging discussion, growth, and life-skill development.
  • Drove event management (recruitment, logistics, budgeting, and operations) at conferences and events throughout the year. Conferences as large as 1800 students from schools in 5 states.
  • Trained and managed student leaders and volunteers in effective social interaction, spiritual disciplines, time management, conflict resolution, delegation, critical thinking, and many other life skills
  • Experienced international culture (in both Europe and Asia), leading teams of students.