Using Her Degree

This is the first story in our summer series “Laborers Sent.”

Erin was rounding the corner toward her final semester at the University of South Carolina when the big unanswered questions about her future started to cloud her mind. What was she going to do when she graduated?  As a nursing major, the “tentative plan”—as she called it—was to get a job at the local hospital.  After all, she had put all this work into her degree, so it would be a shame to not immediately use it.  So each time the idea of doing an internship with CCC came up, she would mentally change the subject.  She was a nurse.

That was all before she met Trang. Trang, a female student who comes from a Buddhist background, got introduced to Erin through a dorm outreach at the beginning of the fall semester.  Erin got the opportunity to share the gospel with Trang, and she began meeting regularly with her to study the Bible. Trang had almost no knowledge of Christianity, making each meeting a great opportunity for Erin to rehearse the foundational truths of Christianity.

Then a funny thing started happening.  Though she had known all of these truths, something about sharing them with the intrigued Trang began to work into Erin’s heart a passion for sharing the gospel, or good news that Jesus offers his record in exchange for ours.  She might be a nurse, but with this new passion to invest in the lives of students, she has decided to take a year to intern with Campus Crusade back at USC.

She’ll still be a nurse when she gets done interning.  She’ll simply be a nurse that has a passion for investing in the spiritual and physical lives of people.

Erin Bell

If you are interested in supporting Erin financially (she’s in the process of developing a team of financial and prayer partners this summer), visit this site.