Be Careful What You Pray For.

This is another story for the summer series “Laborers Sent”

When Will enrolled at the University of Memphis 4 years ago, he had just committed his life to Christ, and was eager to grow.  But as with many new believers, he was terrified at the thought of sharing his faith with others.  Through his involvement with Campus Crusade over the past 4 years, he has learned to share his faith, been given boldness by the Holy Spirit to engage with others to tell the story of the gospel, and had many opportunities to talk with others about Christ.

In September of his senior year, Will’s campus director Nathan shared of the need for folks to intern with the ministry in the coming years, and asked the students to begin praying.  Will, never imagining that he might be the answer to his own prayers, began asking the Lord for people to come and invest in the lives of the students in Memphis.

Will is not big on planning.  When folks asked what he was going to do after graduation, he’d shrug off the question, saying “I honestly have no idea,” with a grin on his face.  He’d cross that bridge when he got there, he reasoned.

As time went on, he sensed that God was indeed calling him to be the answer to his own prayers for laborers in Memphis. How could he expect others to come, if he wasn’t willing to go himself?

Will Russell

He has committed to intern for the next year in Memphis, and has been in the process of developing a team of financial partners for the journey.  If you are intersted in helping financially with Will’s ministry, you can click here.