Hospitals and Authenticity

We struggle with what is appropriate to share with folks in life. There are multiple things going on, from our desire to appear as the perfect little missionary family to our aversion to gossip and feeding the folks that thrive on it. But at the same time, we want to be authentic with the things going on in our world. If there is one thing we never want to be accused of, it’s that we put on a happy face and paint over the real issues going on in our lives. So here’s the deal. We are sitting in a waiting room preparing for a CT scan on little Benjamin. The reason we are here is to rule out Cranial Synostosis, or the premature closure of the bones in his head. If he has CS, which is an outside chance, he’ll have to have surgery. You can pray that he doesn’t have to do that, and that this is the last trip down the radiology hall here at Mission for a while. Also pray for us, and the sinful pride that has us scared that people will look at us funny (and that it matters if they do) knowing that we have a kid who is “different” UPDATE: Benjamin is the best kid ever, and didn’t even have to be sedated for the scan. He slept right through it!