Financial Cuss Words

We just got a phone call from the folks at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, specifically the folks from anesthesiology who will be putting Benjamin down for his surgery on Wednesday.  They asked us to if we were going to be able to pay the full amount of the 10% not covered by our insurance company.  Then they told us the amount.


I’m better at writing than math, but if 480 is 10%, that means it is costing more to put my child to sleep for 45 minutes than we paid for our 2000 Ford Minivan.  Does that seem wrong to anybody else?

What does that money go toward?  The doctors deserve to get paid well, sure.  But for 45 minutes of work, I think nearly $5,000 is pretty excessive, unless there are 15 of them.  Even then, that would be more than 300 bucks per hour, according to my calculator.

We’ve got the money to pay the bill.  That’s not the issue, here.  I am not asking for the government or for anyone else to take care of us.  All of the people who support our ministry financially and prayerfully already have funded this, for which we are extremely grateful.  The issue is that somewhere somebody is getting far too big of a cut.  I’d love for someone with more of an understanding of how this stuff works to explain to me where all of that money is going. Please.  Someone explain this.

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