More Good News

The doctor came in just a little bit ago.  The nurse just took out the last tube!!!!  Now if we want to we can walk around with him!!  Benjamin is steadily improving and we can go home today if we want.

Currently Ben is sleeping (yes, Jacq is posting this one:).  So, we have not discussed whether or not to stay another night or go home today.  When I say “go home” I mean go to Ben’s parents’ house.  Thankfully they live here in Winston Salem, so we will go to their house until we feel comfortable enough to head to Asheville.

To clarify…he did have to have the more invasive surgery (better known as the 180 degree switch).  BCBS did not reverse their initial decision.

It is comforting to know that so many people have been praying for him.  We have felt the results of all your prayers. I truly feel like you, as the “body of Christ,” have wrapped your arms around us through this whole journey.  Thank You!