Spring-loaded skull.

We are out of the hospital, and have a date for surgery.  September 24th.

Dr. David was very helpful, and answered all of our questions.

The surgery is a newer, less invasive surgery where they will reopen the suture and put some springs in there to hold it open.  That will allow the head to grow and to form correctly.  Then, four months or so later they will go back in and take out the springs.

The surgery generally means an overnight stay, and home the next day.

We had a much less emotionally taxing time than we thought we would, as it just pretty much was talking through two different surgical options and making the decision.

Other interesting things we learned:

  1. you have to pay to park at the hospital, which feels conspicuously like double-dipping, since (to say the least) we are already paying these people.
  2. if we were to give blood to be used for little Benjamin (in case of emergency), and then ended up not using it, they would charge us $250.  I asked if I slit my wrist in the office it would also cost me 250 bucks.  It’s my blood.

Prayer request

Blue Cross is currently denying the spring surgery, stating that it is too new or “experimental.” Please pray that they would reverse that decision. I have been on the phone with them for the past few minutes, in search of some answers.

If they refuse to cover the spring surgery, we will go ahead with the other, older surgery that is more invasive, more time consuming, and more expensive. The other surgery is called the “180 Switch” and involves removing the back of his skull and rotating it 180 degrees, and putting it back on.  As I said, it is a much more invasive surgery, will require a longer stay in the hospital, and a possible blood transfusion.

We are hoping to do the spring surgery, and will find out tomorrow when we show up what they are doing.  Surgery starts at 8:30 AM.

Pray specifically that the BCBS physician would call back our surgeon, and reverse the decision. Thanks. I’ll keep you posted.

All done!

Well, they said to expect 4 hours, but it only took 2. Benjamin did fine, and the surgeon said the only thing that did not go exactly as planned was that he needed some blood. All else went well, and the surgery was a success! They are in the process of moving him to the recovery room, and we should be allowed to see him in 30 minutes or so. Thanks so much for all the prayers!