"So How old is He?"

I love this question.  People often ask how old my little boy is, and I am learning that you can’t answer the same as when he’s 15.  You have to count by weeks, or hours, or something.  I am having trouble figuring out what these people want out of me.

He’s 225 days old today.  Thanks for asking.

I’ve decided that once he hits 9 months, I am going to start answering “Almost a year” and after that you’ll be lucky if I even break it into half-years.  I may say “A year and a half,” but I can assure you my child will never be “18 months” old.

If you want how many months, weeks, or dirty diapers he is old, you’ll have to ask my wife.  He’s a half a year, according to me, for the next couple of months.