About the Joys of Voicemail.

Oh voicemail, how I love thee.  Parker family, how I loved to experience firsthand the transitions to your outgoing message.

Back in early October, 2007 I heard your message for the first time.  Each day I called I noticed how fervently you promised to call me back “as soon as possible.”  After exactly 19 messages (and about three weeks of calling), I noticed that you changed your outgoing greeting.  Instead of a promise to call back, you added lots of words like “if” and “maybe” and “busy.”  I got the hint.  (I was clearly calling at the wrong time of day.)  So I switched things up a bit, and started trying to catch up at all different times of the day.

I really liked the message you added but immediately took down on December 5th.  It was a bit sarcastic, but it got the point across:  You don’t answer the phone for telemarketers.  I made sure to clearly pronounce the first and last name of the couple from your small group at church who gave us your name as someone interested in supporting our cause, because telemarketers wouldn’t do that.

The subsequent messages were great.  I already knew the names of your three kids, but it has been super getting to hear their voices on three separate messages.  And the song by little Chloe was just adorable.  Wise decision to leave that one as the outgoing message for a solid 18-month stretch.

Another thing I want to really commend you for is clearing out old messages.  There was only that one time (during the holidays in 2009) when your inbox was full.  The rest of the time, you have been diligent to erase old messages.  I’m sure that took a while.

Finally, I want to thank you for a great appointment yesterday.  When you answered the phone last week, I was floored.  At first I thought I was getting punked (like that Ashton Kutcher show), but after you agreed to meet, I figured out that you were just legitimately that busy as we lined up a time to get together.  Thanks for coming on our financial team for $75 per month, and making all those years of Assuming the Best pay off.

(How about you, dear reader? Ever had persistence pay off? Ever been inspired to action by the persistence of another? Comment below.)

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