About Your Apathetic Kids

I never really know how to deal with kids on the phone. First, let’s get something out in the open: you are either a 20 year-old girl or an 11 year-old boy. So I refuse to guess. I’ve called to reach Brad or Rebecca, and that’s who I am going to ask for. You may very well be Rebecca, but I am gonna go ahead and pretend I didn’t clearly hear you say hello, or just ask if Brad is there.

But this time was different. My wife was clearly was dealing with a 16-20 year old boy (she could smell the video games and apathy through the telephone). Here’s roughly how it went down:

Jacq: Are your parents there?
Gamer: Yeah.
Jacq: Can I speak with them?
Gamer: No.
Jacq: Really? They’re right there? And you can’t hand them the phone?
Gamer: (sound of corn chips being chewed) mmOK.
Jacq: Hello?
Gamer’s Mom: Hello?
Jacq: Nevermind, I think I have the wrong number.

Little known fact: support-raising donor-management software does not have a check box for “Cheetos and YouTube” under special interests. We added it as a custom field.

How does that conversation work out from the other side? Is the parent silently shaking their head, making the imaginary decapitation hand motion? Is the pile of corn chips too tall on your belly there in the recliner to risk standing up and dumping them on the floor? I’d hate to inconvenience you. Maybe you should get a bell that you use to summon your parents.

And while I’m at it, since you didn’t ask, no, I would not like to leave a message, either. It’d be like an answering machine that intentionally blanks out the details, or decides not to record at all.

How ’bout you? Whats the strangest reaction you’ve ever gotten from a kid on the phone?

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