The First Annual Fantastic Giveaway!

Welcome to my personal busiest week ever. I just got a second job, and due to a scheduling mixup on my part, will be working no less than 61 hours in the next seven days, not counting being a dad, husband, etc.

So in honor of my not having adequate time to give to crafting new content here at Assume the Best, you win.

That’s right. In what feels like the opposite of a good a workout regimen, my pain is YOUR gain.

This week we are having the First Annual Fantastic Giveaway contest here at ATB. I recently was given a ridiculously generous gift by John Miller, author of QBQ! The Question Behind the Question, when I tweeted this:

Just read QBQ by John Miller (@QBQGuy) again after about three years, and it was even better this time. Such great stuff.Tuesday Dec 7th via TweetDeck

That simple tweet got me into a discussion with the author, which landed two boxes full of free stuff on my porch about a week later. Pretty amazing, if you ask me.

And now, I am giving it all away. In total, I’ll be giving away one copy each of his three books.

And while I thought this even before I was given a stack of them for free, these books are total game-changers. If I were a business owner, or a manager of any type, these books would be required reading for my employees. When I was in ministry, these books were required reading for many of the students I mentored.

So if you are a manager, or an employee, or a minister, or one who is ministered to, or a teacher, or a student, you want these books.

Each day this week is a new opportunity to enter for a chance to win! The way to enter is simple.

First: leave a comment here (or the wall for the BenandJacq facebook group) with a creative comment detailing why you feel you should be the winner of one of these books.


Second: Post a link to twitter to your favorite post from ATB with a creative reason it’s your favorite and the hashtag #ATBQBQ.

Every day I’ll be posting a link to some of my favorite throwback posts here at ATB, and you can comment on those posts for additional chances to win. Any comment on any ATB throwback post this week will be eligible to win!

I hate twitter contests that just end up adding noise to the twitterverse. That’s why I didn’t give you a specific tweet to share, e.g. “I’d like to win a book from @benUNC and @QBQguy” Your job instead is to be creative, and to add real value for your followers. That makes twitter a better place, and at the same time gives you a chance to win.

So, here’s a fun twist: At the end of the week, with the help of John G. Miller himself, I will be selecting the entries that we think are the best and most creative, then putting them into a randomizer and drawing to win Outstanding!, John’s most recent book.

So each time you come up with a tweet or comment that is creative or memorable, you give yourself an opportunity to win Outstanding!, John’s most recent book. Just posting a #ATB hashtagged link to a post is enough to win a chance at one of the first two books. You need to give your followers a real reason to click that link in order for a chance at the last one! If you’ll pardon my cheese, you’ll need an “Outstanding” entry to be entered to win Outstanding!

In the meantime, if you need me, I’ll be working, and smiling.