PlayPlace Adventures (continued)

Last Wednesday I started this story, but in case you’re not down with clicking all the way through to that story and catching up, I met with a lady at a McDonald’s for a support appointment once.

What I mentioned in passing last week was that the lady was both “sweet” and “older.” To be more precise, she was somewhere around 70 years old, and hard of hearing.

That made it especially fun to try and get across to her the point of our meeting.

Close your mental eyes (because it’d be hard to close the physical ones and continue to read the story) and imagine the scene with me, in bullet point form:

  • We are under a portion of the PlayPlace near the slide, I with my laptop, and her with her hearing aid.
  • Every time someone comes down the slide, or yells, or runs past, I have to repeat myself because she can’t hear me.
  • I am literally yelling at her, in order to be heard, which makes for multiple funny “everybody stops talking except for me and I say something out of context and awkward” moments.

The most notable of the awkward moments involved me, a quote from a pagan campus group, and three homeschoolers being told by their mom to grab their shoes and head for the car.

Yeah, bottom line on this one is that when given the choice between meeting in a quiet spot without a laptop and all of your notes, or meeting in a PlayPlace with a laptop and all of your notes, always take into account age.

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