Putting our Money where Our Keyboard is.

I’ve been doing shout-out friday for the last few months here at ATB, and I am convicted that I am becoming one of those people who say “we really believe in what you are doing!” and then never, ever give. As former missionaries, that line just rang hollow for us.

So, starting this week, when I recommend a person or group to give, I am actually going to be giving. It likely won’t be much, at least until the Lord sees fit to give us enough to make our ends meet, but I am done giving empty “shout-outs” that just serve to give the appearance of generosity without any of the actual sacrifice.

And if I’ve already shouted-out someone, I plan to make that right, too.

Now I just need to talk to my wife about the logistics. Nobody likes the guy giving behind his wife’s back.

See you tomorrow for this week’s shout-out!

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