The Passive-Aggressive Prayer Request.

If you raise support, and someone has ever asked you for prayer requests, you will understand this post.

There’s a sort of magnetic pull when giving a list of prayer requests that almost always ends up with the conversation orbiting around my need for money.

Here’s how it generally played out for me:

Them: So how can I be praying for you?
Me (in my head): Don’t mention money. You don’t want to be that missionary who always asks for money. Think of something good to say. Outreach. That’s what they want to hear.
Me (out of my mouth): You can be praying for {vaguely referenced} outreach we are doing on campus this month.
Them: Great! What are you specifically praying for?
Me (in my head): I’m specifically praying for enough money to make rent. The outreach is about 5th on my list of things I’m asking God for. But the other 4 make me sound a bit whiney. Really trying to not be that guy.
Me (out of my mouth): We are trusting God to raise up two long term laborers to go internationally, and for 3 bible studies to start on campus.
Me (back in my head): Good one. For a made-on-the-fly prayer request, that was pretty dang good.
Me (responding to myself, still in my head): Thanks! I’ve been faking spiritual-talk for nearly a decade now. Let’s stop talking about it, though, I thought I was getting better.
Them: Great! Anything else you want me to pray for?
Me (out of my mouth): Yeah, you can be praying for our campus budget.
Me (in my head): riiiight, you are concerned about the campus budget. You just want the conversation to turn all financial, to give you an in to ask for money in the form of a prayer request. Sneaky. But I like it.

See, I used any excuse to steer the conversation toward money, when it came to prayer requests.

Pray for the earthquake in New Zealand?


Pray also for their economic recovery?


Pray for the economic stability of the missionaries who we are sending there?


Pray for our personal finances which took a hit over the last fiscal year and stand currently in need of $342 per month to be at our goal?

Might as well, while you are at it.

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